Great Wall of China Photo Diary + Guide

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When I visited the Great Wall I felt so privileged to be a part of something so big! Keep reading for my guide on the Great Wall of China.

When to Go


As early as you can especially on the weekend. Beijing traffic was no joke. We luckily left at a great time (8am from Qianmen) and even then we ran into traffic. I took a little nap while on the drive up and listened to an audiobook.

We got there at about 9am and people were already on their way down as we headed up! They avoided the humidity and crowds.

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Where to Go

Did you know that the great wall wasn't just one huge wall?  I learned a few years ago in my Chinese studies course that the Great Wall was several sections built over many centuries.

According to our guide, we visited the prettiest and most quiet part of the Great Wall. The Mutianyu (or Mu Tian Yu) section was further out than the most popular part of the wall. So, we beat the crowds when we got in early and got some amazing pictures. As well that part of the wall was restored beautifully!


What to Do

Take the Cable Car

A nice warm up to the grandeur of the Great Wall was when we took the cable cars up. We viewed lush greenery below us as we ascended to the top.

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Hike the watch towers

If you won't have a guide, before you go, ensure that you check out which area of the wall you'd like to explore most then prioritize it. The humidity was intense as we trekked up the steep steps between each watch tower. It made each step hard as brick path wove into each check point. I loved it!


Take the Slide Down

The most fun part about the Great Wall for me wasn't actually the wall. It was when we left and took the slide down the Great Wall to the bottom. It was an absolute blast and I would do it again. The loops, hills and turns in the middle of the green landscape felt like a dream. On some parts we moved so fast it felt like a roller coaster. It went by pretty fast but I was happy we did it. *Tip: get on the slide before 11:30. The line up got pretty full as everyone was ready to trek down the wall for lunch.


What to Eat


After our descent down the slide, we were super hungry. Our lovely guide called ahead and ordered us an amazing lunch. We drove for 10 minutes to Xiao Long Pu a

She ordered us a spread of sweet and sour pork tomatoes, greens, cod and fried rice.


I was beyond excited to have crossed the great wall off of my bucket list.

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Are you planning on visiting the Great Wall? Let me know in the comments below.

Great Wall of China Essentials


I felt like I was on top of the world. I visited what was considered to be the prettiest and most 'foreigner friendly' part of the Great Wall of China, called Mutianyu. The Great Wall was an amazing and once and a lifetime experience that easily could have been ruined without one of these essential items!  Keep reading for what made my Great Wall of China adventure a chill experience.


Muskol Aerosol I had been warned about the bugs at the Great Wall several times and took several precautions that ensured I wouldn't get bitten. I didn't see any bugs or was I bitten while at the Mutianyu part of the great wall. It could have been the bug spray or maybe that part wasn't as infested as other parts.

Tumi Weekend Foldable Backpack I'd had my eye on this backpack for a while and I wished that I had bought it for this day trip. I carried water bottles, my cameras, and a few other items. I would have loved the ease of getting it unfolded quickly and rocked it while on the Great Wall.

A.J. Morgan Collegiate 53537 Wayfarer Sunglasses While it wasn't bright up there, there were moments when the sun peeked through the clouds. I recommended these sunglasses since they were stylish but still pretty cheap in case they got damaged along the way.

Anita Sports Bra Anita was so kind and gave me a sports bra to try and review for you guys! This baby was great in the humidity. It breathed well in the humidity and kept bounce to a minimum as I climbed and bounded down ancient stairs.

Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen While Beijing was covered in smog when I arrived, it didn't mean the sun's harsh rays were hidden. I packed my sunscreen and reapplied throughout the day to avoid any sun damage. Whenever I've used a spray sunscreen I found that I reapplied more often and with less mess!

Great Wall of China Photo Diary

Adidas Women's High Performer Tight I was instructed to wear long leggings to avoid bug bites on my legs. While I didn't see or get bitten by any of those bloodsuckers, it was good that I took the precaution seriously.

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheet The heat and humidity was no joke. I was sure to pack a small beauty bag of products I needed. One of them included blotting sheets. I used at least 5 of them when I was up there. When I added videos to my Snapchat and Insta stories I blotted my t-zone then snapped away.

Adidas Men's Adizero Scrimmage Cap I should have brought a hat with me but I didn't.  The shade from the visor would have given my skin some extra protection from the sun, I wouldn't have been as sweaty and I would have looked cooler. I recommended a male hat since my hair was in braids and thus a bit too big for women's hat sizes.

Teva Original Universal Sandals My shoes of choice while in Beijing for the weekend were my Tevas. The adorable lilac shoes could be dressed up and down. One of the girls on the trip looked at me like I was crazy when she saw that I was wearing the sandals for the day trip to the Great Wall, Ming Tomb and Sacred Way. I muscled through the excursions and my feet felt amazing the entire time. I also rocked these babies on a hike in the Californian desert and highly recommend them!

Tiny note: If you bought a train ticket to Beijing from another city, ensure you pack travel safe versions of aerosols. My huge bug spray was confiscated on the way there. I wasn't pleased.

Did I miss something? Comment below with what else you would have brought with you.