Manifest A Better Manager: 3 Mantras to try


I’ve had the worst managers ever. From constantly pressuring employees to do all the drugs (sounds like a cool boss, trust me he wasn’t) to sleeping with employees while their spouse waited at home—I’ve seen it all. And of course my fave, snide and passive aggressive comments or not receiving credit for my ideas. I would dread upcoming 1:1 meetings and admittedly cried in a few.

I felt as if my relationship with my boss controlled my moods, even when I wasn’t at work. I knew I needed to change things; I decided I wanted more from life. So I manifested a new boss. No, really I used my mind to get a new and amazing boss.

I decided to shift my perspective to the positive and gave my ego permission to back the fuck off. My anger and negativity towards my managers stemmed from a need to be heard. A need to be right. A need for validation. A need for everyone to take my side. 

Photo: Tumblr

Photo: Tumblr

People in authority in our lives are often symptoms of how we feel about ourselves. If your boss triggers you or pokes a wound in your life, ask yourself why it bothers you so much. Sure my manager texting me at night about work is annoying af, but did I set boundaries in my personal and professional life? Okay it’s super rude that they’d disregard my ideas, but did I think everyone around me was qualified to do their job? If you think your manager is the problem, think again.

Your ego is probably raging right now. You might have even closed this post and I’m just here talking to myself. Know that the thoughts you are harbouring and the wounds you are ignoring by judging your manager is what’s keeping you from living a life of peace at work.

Sure this might not be your dream job. But will you be able to manifest a new job or new manager with a negative outlook on life (aka permanent stank eye)? And if you somehow do manifest a positive situation with your negative mind, you won’t be ready for it or you will manifest a new problem even worse than this one.

“She’s not qualified to be my boss, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

“He’s crazy and has no boundaries, how is he an executive of this company?” 

“I could do a better job than her.”

Raise your hand if you’ve said one of these statements this month or a variation of it. How about this week? How about today?

Who are we to question the people put in power in our lives by the universe? Who are we to believe that we are not in the right place at the right time being managed by the right person? Instead of focusing on the lessons in front of us we run away from them and in fact usher in harder ones.

I figured this all out when I was tired. I manifested a new boss because I was tired of running from my issues with authority. I was tired of my ego trying to get the last word and prove myself as ‘right’. 

I prayed and asked for the miracle of surrender cause I sure as hell didn’t have the strength to to do it on my own. If you feel resistant at all to the statements above, you better pray for a miracle too.

Below are the mantras and processes I went through to manifest a new and better boss. If you didn’t take the time to read the paragraphs above this to confront your ego a bit, I recommend you do. 

Listen to my recording of the 3 mantras below! I also listed them below too!

Mantra #1

Breathe deeply. 

Visualize your boss and think only loving thoughts. 

I love working with my boss. My boss loves working with me. 

[Boss name] knows exactly what they are doing and are a pleasure to work with. 

Repeat until you feel calm. 

Mantra #2

If you feel you are ready for a new chapter in your life, try this mantra. 

I release my job to someone who works incredibly well with my manager. Who is able to match their working style in harmony. I wish them the best. 

Repeat until you feel calm. 

Mantra #3

I am someone easy to work with. 

I feel positive about my boss and my boss feels positive about me. 

I am an incredible worker. 

I rely only on the universe to validate me. I am worthy of a job that shows off my skills. 

I choose happiness over being right. 

Comment if you have any questions! I want to help you all out.