Ultimate Travel Deals

Each #TravelTuesdayTuesday at 12pm EST I will update this page with the best travel deals I can find on the web. From discounted hotels to ridiculously cheap error plane fares I'll list them all! Check back every week so you don't miss a deal. 



Cyber Monday Hotel 1.jpeg

50% off of HOTEL BOOKING 

I can't believe it. I combed through the Expedia website and saw so many hotel prices listed at 50% off. I'm LOSING IT! Don't miss out on this one. 


save up to 60% off of a hotel stay

Ok, I know it's up to 60% off at Hotels.com but the deals were kind of meh. I do recommend you do a little digging though, you might be pleasantly surprised. 


Insane flight deals

Alright, these flight deals from Sky Scanner are EVERYTHING. They have a full list of the cheapest flights out of Toronto. I was surprised! Flights are usually the most expensive part of a trip for me, so these are a steal. 


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