10 Things to Do in Bangkok in 48-Hours

Elaisha Jade in Bangkok at The Royal Grand Palace & The Royal Temple

Looking for a 48-hour guide on 10 things to do in Bangkok? You’ve found it. As I encountered other foreigners in Thailand, they were often on their way to somewhere else. Bangkok was just a stop along the. In 2-days you can take your 5 senses on a journey you’ll never forget in this busy city. From the The Royal Grand Palace & to where to get tom yum soup, I dish on where my favourite spots are. I wish I had more time than just a few days there and I definitely plan on going back.

1. Take a Food Tour

I partnered with A Chef’s Tour to show you the ultimate treats in Bangkok! Look out for my full review soon. This tour brought me through Chinatown in Bangkok. I tried so many different kinds of foods I had never eaten before. I literally waddled into a tuk tuk back to my hotel when it was over.

2. Visit a Flower Market

I really wanted visit the legendary floating flower market outside of Bangkok. Instead I saw the Pak Khlong Talat near the pier. Walking between the fragrant aisles as amazing. My favourite part was watching the florists create intricate arrangements. Be sure to purchase one or two.

Flower Market Bangkok

3. Visit a Night Market

Night markets are super popular in Thailand as a whole. Similar to Shanghai it’s as if people come alive at night. Various fried treats and cheap trinkets are on display. Bring your money and an empty stomach.

4. Ride in a Long Tail Boat and Canal Boat

Long tail boats are an incredible experience. My guide at the Thai Tour Guide brought Desiree and I on an epic Long Tail Boat ride. We puttered through the canal and had the chance to see how people lived in the city. I recommend the Bangkok City Tour!

5. Get a Drink at a Rooftop Bar

Make a toast to visiting Thailand from one of their epic rooftop bars. Thailand is known globally for its party scene. Visit a rooftop bar before you head out for the night or if partying isn’t your scene, end your night there.

6. Visit the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Reclining Buddha wat Po

What an experience to finally visit a place I saw all the time in documentaries and travel TV shows. Our guide explained Thai Buddhist traditions and their specific significance. I was truly in awe.

7. Walk to the Top of the Golden Mount

This was a workout to the top of the hill. The view was worth it all the way. We also got the chance to see one of the few places in the world where the ashes of Buddha remain. I highly recommend you visit this serene place.

Golden Mount Bangkok

8. Get Tom Yum Soup at the Sixth

Tom Yum Soup Bangkok the Sixth

The yummiest Tom Yum soup I’ve had was from The Sixth. It was definitely a welcome relief to sit down for a bit after touring around the Palace. The aesthetic was really cool in the restaurant too. I recommend getting spring rolls too.

9. Ride a Tuk Tuk and Moto Taxi

Bangkok Tuk Tuk

I rode my share of Tuk Tuks and even a moto uber while in Bangkok. I recommend only taking one that is at a taxi stand. Also ask how much your ride will cost before you leave and haggle a bit. Even just for the experience of negotiating. I probably got the biggest rush in Thailand when I was on the back of a moto taxi! Downstairs from my hotel there was a taxi stand. I needed to get to my food tour quickly so I went through a quick negotiation and hopped on for the ride. We zig zagged through the city to Chinatown in record time.

10. Get a Thai Massage

Probably the most obvious on the list, but a Thai massage is an essential experience in Bangkok. I had an amazing time at the Amari Watergate Bangkok read my full review here.

Did I miss anything? Comment down below with your other suggestions on what to do in Bangkok in 48-hours.

This post was made in partnership with Thai Tour Guide, A Chef’s Tour and Omni Hotels. All opinions are my own.