Floyd's Pelican Bar Jamaica

Floyds Pelican Bar Jamaica

If you’re looking for an excursion of a lifetime in the Caribbean, look no further than the Pelican Bar. From speed boating across the sea to eating fresh lobster it was an adventure. Keep reading to find out how much fun this was and why you should watch out for Jellyfish!

I was in Jamaica with my family when I had the chance to visit the Pelican Bar. Our first stop on the way to the bar was a small beachside bar on the side of a quiet road. We left anything we didn’t want at the bottom of the ocean in our guide’s car and made our way to the shore and waited. We heard the sound of a water taxi as it leisurely made its way to us. We all piled up into it and made our way to the mysterious destination. Salty water spraying all around us, we laughed as the taxi picked up speed. We finally made it to the bar and unloaded onto the rickety dock.

It literally looked like a clubhouse in the middle of the ocean. Sitting on a sandbar or reef, people swam in the water that only hit their waists. As terrifying as it looked, the structure it felt completely stable. Locals and tourists all mingled in the indoor kitchen and bar area. They ate fresh Jamaican seafood dishes over chilled beers. The outdoor dock area was the most interesting. Looking down was so trippy. I could see schools of fish and my cousin event spotted a puffer fish. Owned by a local Rasta man it felt like one of the most authentic experiences I had in Jamaica so far on the trip. Chatting up in patois my family was having a ball and we felt at home.

Me and my cousin decided to get brave and hopped in for a swim. The water was warm and possibly the most beautiful I had seen in the Caribbean. It was such a fun time with family and making new friends I almost didn’t notice burning on my arm. Until the stinging intensified and my cousin said he felt stinging too. Turns out we had been stung by jellyfish! Definitely not what I was expecting. Swimming in open waters obviously runs its risks so if you plan on jumping in, beware.

Floyds Pelican bar

Our food took quite a while but it was definitely worth it. I got the lobster dish with rice and peas and bammy. I washed it down with Red Stripe Sorrel (so good!). My uncles aunts and cousins were quiet for the first time that day. As they dug into breadfruit, fried fish and other munchies it as hard to forget we were in the ocean. Soon it was time to head back to land.

Floyds Pelican Bar Lobster and Bammy

If you want to book a tour like this from Montego Bay you’ll have to book in advance. It’s quite the drive to Saint Elizabeth. However from Negril it’s a bit of an easier trek

I’ll never forget the rush of swimming in the middle of the ocean and highly recommend you visit too!