Elaisha Goes...to the Hotel Delta Marriott Fredericton

hotel delta marriott fredericton room

When I visited Fredericton New Brunswick I wasn't sure what to expect. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect of Eastern Canada as a whole. After a few days of exploring one of New Brunswick's biggest cities, I can definitely say I'd like to return. Keep reading to find out what my favourite part of staying in the Hotel Delta Marriott Fredericton was (it's not what you expect!). 

To set the scene a bit, Caleigh and I arrived at the Delta Fredericton after a very dramatic day on the road. We had been on the road early that morning from Nova Scotia. When we arrived I just wanted to relax, but we had a full day ahead of us. 

Check in wasn't bad at all. We were the only ones in line, even though the lobby was buzzing. People gathered in the expansive space in groups or were entering the restaurant for lunch.  It was a pretty chic lobby if I do say so, I wish I got pictures of it! After we received a quick rundown of the city, nearby lake trails and use of the hotel bikes we were on our way to our room. 

hotel delta marriott fredericton bikes

Unlike a lot of hotels, the Lakefront view rooms are totally worth it! We had a pretty view of the St John River which made for a gorgeous sunset that night. Our beds were comfortable as we got settled a bit. We showered and changed then got ready to explore. Like I mentioned above, we had access to the hotel bikes! No, they aren't mountain bikes or hybrids but cute city bikes. The one-speed bicycles were nice to ride and were fine for the streets and road-terrain nearby. I think that was the best part of staying there. We were given bikes, helmets, and bike locks.  It was convenient since I prefer to explore a city by foot, public transport or biking. 

O.K. I lied. The best part of the hotel was actually its location. Right on the river trail (like a few other hotels), it was a quick journey to everywhere we wanted to go by bike or vigorous walk. We biked into town and explored the city and even stopped for Brunch at the Lunar. We also biked to the Second Nature Outdoors and I went for my first solo Kayak ride.  I was even able to get some blog shots while in the summery gazebo. 

[catch] urban grill

We rushed our kayak ride so we could dine in at [catch] Urban Grill at the Delta. The yummy seafood restaurant treated us to an incredible dinner. Read my review of the delicious night. We even got a midnight snack of popcorn and soda! It was a really nice way to end the night. 

Our sleep that night was definitely sweet. After a long day on the road, biking, kayaking and enjoying a big dinner we were happy to rest our heads in the moderately comfortable beds. Like the beds, the washroom wasn't too special but had all of the necessary fixtures.  It felt like a business hotel and less like a small town Inn. The room was pretty spacious and I loved how much natural light there was. 

When I visit New Brunswick again, I will definitely consider staying at the Hotel Delta Marriott Fredericton. From the friendly staff to the convenient location it was certainly a win in my books. 

*This post was made in partnership with Fredericton Tourism and the Hotel Delta Marriott Fredericton. All opinions are of course my own.