[catch] Urban Grill Review

Elaisha Jade at [catch] Urban Grill

 [catch] Urban Grill at the Delta Hotel featured a delicious display of Maritime eats. Caleigh Alleyne and I had the chance to eat our way through the hotel's menu, and it was incredible. 

bread at [catch] Urban Grill

We, of course, got down to starters. We couldn't decide between the Baked Brie, Calamari and the Muscle Pot—so we got all three. An adorable piece of bread was dropped off at our table first with a side of soft butter. After a day of Kayaking, I almost fought Caleigh for the last piece, but it's ok. We're still friends even though I snagged it. 

[catch] Urban Grill muscle pot

The muscle pot was everything I could ever want. I've totally dreamt about it since. Bathed in a white wine sauce and topped with a fresh vegetable vinaigrette, I ate so much I probably grew a shell... The succulent baked brie was creamy. The juxtaposition between the spicy smoked ancho chilli jam and the crispy toasted multigrain baguette is exactly what I look for in a dish. Opposites attract right? The calamari was flown in from Spain—yeah that's some fancy squid. It also tasted pretty good too but I recommend going for the muscle pot instead. 

[catch] Urban Grill brie and jam

Alright, on to main courses! We each ordered something different. I don't usually eat red meats at home, so when I'm away I tend to indulge. When I spotted the Georges Bank Wild Cod on the menu it seemed like the perfect decadent dish to satisfy my bacon cravings. A thick cut of double smoked bacon was lavishly wrapped around the soft cod. I piled my fork with a medley of the fish, fingerling potatoes and zucchini salsa verde and dove right in. I was in HEAVEN! Don't believe me? Check out the food porn below. 

[catch] Urban Grill halibut
[catch] urban grill
[catch] urban grill

I tried Caleigh's Line Caught Halibut Dish too. It was deliciously made with seared halibut, coconut sweet potato purée, lemon buerre blanc and sherry vinaigrette green beans. But I knew I made the right choice for me. I almost didn't have room for dessert, but I pressed on. 

[catch] Urban Grill cheesecake

Our lovely server recommended the Chocolate lovers (a layered chocolate cake covered in fudge) and a piece of Cheesecake (with a side of raspberry compote) to finish off our night. Each slice was decadent and I really loved that chocolate cake!

[catch] Urban Grill chocolate cake

Hungry yet? Make reservations at [catch] the Delta Hotel in Fredericton to see how they can satisfy your east-coast cravings.