Essential Jackets for Christmas Market Strolls

elaisha jade at the toronto christmas market

My friend dropped almost $1000 on a jacket a few winters ago. He justified his purchase by saying: "In Canadian winters, your jacket is your outfit." I never resonated with anything more. 

While in town, I brought my adorable mum to the Toronto Christmas Market! It was her birthday and we got to stroll about the different stands and pet random dogs. We were both rocking our warm jackets but we sill crowded around the heater lamps for heat breaks while we knawed on our turkey leg. Obvi we wouldn't have had a good time at all if we were cold. 

For those of you stuck in the cold this season or headed to Germany to check out their Christmas markets, here are my favourite jackets on Amazon that'll keep you warm. 

Under $150

Who spent all their money on Christmas presents on people they don't even like?! Not me! But if you did, I found you some jackets that are under $150 on Amazon. Looking for a down coat that's still kinda cute and expensive looking? This one from Valuker is a little bit unique and doesn't look cheap (oh, but it is!) Kenneth Cole isn't just a brand that you avoid in Winners and Marshalls anymore. They actually have some cute one-offs here and there and this faux shearling jacket is one of them. Jackets like this one from Me&City usually scare me (the sleeves are usually an awkward fit. But this looks great and everyone's kind of over camel coats (grey all the way!)


When I walk around malls, I usually envy women rocking the most basic and trendy outfits effortlessly. Like they don't care that their sweater won't be cool in 1.5 weeks when Zara gets in a new order. Millennial pink is holding on by a string. While 2018 may see the end of this pop of pastel, it's still cool. This obnoxiously fluffy number from Simplee would be such a cute way to stand out from all the black coats around you. Same with this shearling moto jacket from J.O.A. But if you want to be a little boring and edgy at the same time this faux suede and faux shearling vest from Dolce Vita is for you. It's not too risky and not too basic. 


Extra Fancy

If no one on the sidewalk is wearing a Mackage or Rudsak jacket are you really in Toronto? But really though. Mainstream and homegrown Canadian brands aren't too easy to come but we're dominating in the winter jacket department. The classic deep V fur trim neckline has made it way to budget stores, but it's still totally in (I tell myself this while crying into my own Rudsak jacket).

Anyways, here's your chance to join the fancy winter coat cult of the six. First up is this Rudsak coat. Yes, this colour is a little gross looking, but the design totally makes up for it. The ribbing of the forearms, fur trim and the cute belt make me forget the off-brown/off-green tone. Back to millennial pink, this blush jacket from Badgley Mischka is the cutest. The only issue you'd ever have with it is telling people where it's from (took me a while to wrap my tongue around Badgley).

Mackage (not mack-adge I learned at fashion week years ago) has always been on my lust-list. The reason why I have trust issues is because jackets aren't usually as warm as they look. However anytime I tried on a Mackage jacket I ended up sweating (or maybe it was the price tag..?). The double zipper layer on this coat looks warm and masculine. I like it. 

I think I might spring and get one of these babies as an early birthday gift.

Don't like my taste? Check out some more jackets on Amazon (you can't say I never helped you out!)