9 Valentines Gifts You should get YOURSELF!

Since I was a kid I've spent Valentines Day counting down the hours until the real holiday, February 15th: 50% off of chocolate day. While dodging cupid's arrow I compiled a Valentines Day wish-list from me...to me. I'm a hopeless romantic...but I've never dated anyone who 'believed' in Valentines day. No flowers. No cards. No gifts. Now, I don't believe in the commercialism of the holiday or only making special effort on February 14th. But a little romance never hurt anyone right?

So shoutout to everyone else eating pop tarts in bed for 'brunch' on February 14th. Here are some gifts you can get YOURSELF.

Sera Wallet | Tiger of Sweden [here
A gorgeous wallet to hold all of the money you'll be saving by not buying anyone but yourself a gift #blessed.

Showcourt RQT Sneaker | Lacoste [here
For kicking anyone who's interested in you to the curb.

Mariesa Monrose Print Backpack | Ted Baker [here
You know, for all of the emotional baggage you're carrying.

Plattan Wireless  | Urbanears [here
Bluetooth and cordless since, (obvi) you don't want to be tied down. *plays Africa by Toto*

Super People Sunnies | Club Monaco [here
For all of the shade you'll be throwing to couples holding hands and brunching together.

Lingerie | La Vie En Rose [here
Sure only you and the nosy women at the gym will see it...but if there's a medical emergency at least the EMT's won't judge you.

Pre-cleanse | Dermalogica [here]  
Desi Perkins made me obsessed with this via her Snapchat. I watched the wonders of the pre-cleanse solution; one swipe and her makeup was gone...glitter eyeshadow included. Perfect for the mascara stains on my face after the New Years scene on, 'When Harry met Sally'.

Graceful Acrylic in Nude | Kiss Nails [here
These nails are gorgeous for up to a week of wiping your tears away. The oval shape is super natural and they can be applied with sticky tabs or for longer wear, nail glue. To take them off all you need is an acetone based solution and a little bit of soaking time.

Love Bridge Bracelet | Thomas Sabo [here
Since no one is around to tell you what to do, you can engrave whatever you want on your love bridge. I've probably got gamophobia since thinking about getting a tattoo makes me break into a sweat. Now you've got the chance to 'tattoo' your bracelet with whatever important message you'd want on your body. Probably, 'Pancakes'. (All seriousness, my love bridge says "Just Go", my catchphrase and life motto.)

If you will be single for Valentines Day too comment below in solidarity. 

*Some products used in this post were provided free of charge, all opinions are my own.