How You Gonna be Matte on Vacation?

Ok Kanye puns aside, I've searched for the perfect matte lip shade that will suit my top-lip heavy mouth for months. My cupid's bow is deep guys. While everyone else is going gaga over the Kylie Jenner lippies I'm not even gonna try getting one of them. It's near impossible.


Instead I collected and swatched some soft pink 'matte' shades (which suit me best) to decide which one is coming with me on my next vacation. There is nothing like a soft pink lip to subtly glam up a 'natural' faced look (concealer and a bit of mascara).


I like my lips. In 2016 that's an odd thing to say when everyone is trying to plump, fluff and expand the amount of space theirs takes up. All power to those who want to change their lip size and to those who are keeping their original look. I think it's important to know what works for you and to not be afraid of trying new things.

Matte lips were a territory wasn't sure I was ready to fully embark on, so  Makeup Forever's Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick was a great 'transition choice'. It's subtly moisturizing and such a pretty colour but isn't a 'true' matte. The only true matte of the bunch was the LA Girl Matte Flat Gloss finish. It's not as moist as Maybelline's Creamy Matte lipstick but it doesn't transfer at all. If you need long-lasting matte lips and don't mind a bit of dryness go for it. I would need it in a colour with less auburn in it though. The By Kiss Matte Lip Lacquer was a gorgeous almost Barbie-pink that I'd need to do with muted eyes and a matching blush. The Kiss New York Moisture lippy was a drugstore dupe for Makeup Forever's Rouge Artist but not as pigmented. It would do on a more casual day.

The pale JMatte lipstick in Bare nude was a very light choice I borrowed from my mum. I'd only wear it if I were blending with a deeper shade since it's a bit chalky for me.

So...what's your favourite nude matte shade of the season?

*Some products used in this post were provided free of charge, all opinions are my own.