I'mma let you finish ft. Guerlain's Météorite Skin Perfecting Matte Powder

I have a friend who could write the book on unfinished projects. She's all 'talk' and no 'do'. Putting in work requires more than an idea, but follow through. I however, have a rushing problem.

The power of finishing things is extremely underrated. The excitement of starting a project eventually fades into a reality of deciding to put in the hard work needed to persevere and complete it. Concentration, discipline and determination all aid in finishing the proposal, assignment or task. While speed is a skill I'm proud of gaining, slowing down is the one I need to work on. I remember one of my clients would always try to get me to slow down. Eventually I did and the benefits were incredible. I wasn't just going through the motions but really thinking about the task and doing the best job possible.

That in itself was an accomplishment for me. While I've got a ways to go, at least I know that really finishing is, as my biggest cheerleader DJ Kaled would say, a major key to success. The limited edition, Météorite Skin Perfecting Matte Powder by Guerlain is a steep investment with an incredible pay-off. The $200CAD finishing powder was crafted to leave the face skin matte yet luminous after applying foundation. I thought it would be too light for me but I was wrong. I dusted the powder in trouble areas that tend to get a little, shall we say, dewy as the day progresses (shoutout to my t-zone). It definitely added extra oomph to my 'natural' look. While the price may warrant use for very special occasions, I personally love the luxe packaging and texture of the finishing powder. It's soft fragrance is also a nice touch too.

*Some products used in this post were provided free of charge, all opinions are my own.