X2 Vibe Decem Hotel Review

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X2 Vibe Decem Hotel is a chic hideaway in an expat's paradise. Fellow travel blogger Desiree Thomas and I spent 3 days in this modern hotel with a Thai twist. Keep reading for why we had to switch rooms (and whether I would stay there again).

x2 Vibe Decem Hotel

After a lot of research and a last minute booking, Desiree and I settled on X2 Vibe as our spot. We planned to visit the Lantern Festival but also wanted to be a little out of the city centre. We wanted a chill experience back at our hotel since we would spend most of our time there in crowds. I called an Uber from the Airport and to my surprise, it was a quick and easy ride to the hotel (only 10 minutes)

X2 Vibe Decem Hotel breakdast

Exhaustion and hunger lead us to opt for early check-in (which did not include breakfast). We sprung for the extra costs and it was worth it. The daily breakfast was American style with eggs, bacon and sausages. But we still got to enjoy some delicious Thai soup every morning (like true Jamaicans). I do recommend getting out there early. The food’s warmers didn’t do much to keep the food from getting cold, so I had cold eggs and bacon most days.

x2 Vibe decem breakfast


When we walked into our room I was pleasantly surprised. I knew that the rooms would feature modern decor, but I wanted to see it for myself. The best part of our original room was the view. I loved peering down to the beautiful swimming pool (which no one ever used...). We had 2 twin beds that were firm in the style I experienced across Asia. Our shower had a window into the room, with blinds that allowed us some privacy. It was super spacious and I loved the open concept design.

x2 vibe decem hotel room
x2 vibe decem hotel room

We had to switch rooms because the wifi was terrible in our original room. Desiree wanted to Facetime her family and I needed to keep in touch with my clients (I was freelancing at the time). We switched to the apartment-style hotel rooms. It wasn't an open concept space however it was still cute and the wifi was way better.  

x2 vibe decem hotel room

After a 12 hour layover in Shanghai Desiree and I were ready for bed. We flew in from China to Thailand and started our journey in Chaing Mai. So we took a long nap and got our night started at the Lantern Festival.

The location was pretty good! When we asked the staff how to get downtown, they directed us to walk out to the Maya Shopping Centre (5 minutes away). There we could hail a red taxi cab. We ended up negotiating a good price for a Tuk Tuk ride straight to the popular Nawarat Bridge. We spent the night at the lantern festival and in the night market. It was also a quick walk to Think Park, an outdoor space next to the mall. And a popular street for bars and clubs.

x2 Vibe Decem Hotel pool

I definitely recommend that you stay at X2 Vibe Decem Hotel in Chaing Mai. If you plan on exploring the city on your own and you don't need to be in the city centre all day, this is the spot for you! Especially if you're looking for a little luxury at a good cost.

Would you have switched rooms too? Let me know in the comments below. 

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