Dream Downtown New York Hotel Review

elaisha jade dream downtown hotel new york

Looking for a dreamy hotel in New York that doesn’t feel like a shoebox? This celebrity hotspot in the heart of Chelsea is for you. Keep reading for whether I would stay again and why light sleepers should beware. 


Let me set the stage. Walking into the Dream Hotel Downtown in New York was a trip itself. The front door lead into an entryway that didn’t seem to end. The check-in desk faced a lounge area. The space featured a gorgeous white elephant on display. Similar to London, New York focuses on making the most of the space they have and the Dream Hotel Downtown did just that. 

dream downtown new york city hotel

Within 10 minutes of being there, I had my first Celebrity Sighting of the day. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted some big guys walk into the hotel with shopping bags. Right behind them was a smaller man in an obnoxious fur coat. Within a second I knew it was Cee Lo Green. Natalie Ho of My Little Secrets checked his insta story and we had our receipts. There he was doing some interview in the exact same coat. 

We were finally able to check in later that afternoon after a long day of running around the city. My room seemed surprisingly spacious. I walked in and to my immediate right was the bathroom. Straight ahead was one of their call-to-fame circular windows which faced an office space. It let in a lot of light and I had to grab a few pictures. 

dream downtown hotel elaisha jade
afterlight 8.jpeg
dream downtown hotel new york bathroom

The bathroom was unique. Metal details (the sink and even a chainmail shower curtain) were all over the space. However, it didn’t feel like a jail or too creepy. It just felt edgy and cool so then I felt edgy and cool too..that’s how it works right? The shower was super simple to use and I didn’t feel like I was in a cramped space. Don’t you hate it when the toilet is right next to you after you shower? Thankfully at the Dream Downtown New York that wasn’t the case. The toilet was on the opposite end of the bathroom. 

dream hotel downtown new york city

The bed was so comfortable! I’m not sure if it was the long day I had or if it really was that comfy but I slept like a rock. The only issue I had was finding an outlet near the bed since I sometimes watch a show to fall asleep. I had to do some real contorting to get my plug into the wall behind the circular bedhead. 

dream downtown hotel new york city elaisha jade

If you’re a light sleeper who isn’t in New York to party this isn’t the place for you over the weekend. The Dream Hotel is home to Tao a popular nightclub in NYC. So while there was a white noise machine in the room, I could, of course, hear the thunder of the beats. Since I either like dead silence or a bit of background noise to get me to sleep I didn’t mind it at all. 

Since I was only there for a day I didn’t take the time to eat at their restaurant but Chelsea is an amazing location to explore. I walked everywhere. In the morning we visited Citizens of Chelsea for brunch which I definitely recommend. 

elaisha jade

If you’re in New York City for a few nights and looking for a convenient location away from the bustle of Times Square but closer than uptown the Dream Hotel Downtown is for you. this was a review of one of their simpler rooms and in the Winter. This hotel would be a fun time in the summer when you could take a dip in the pool and club hop in the heat.

Comment down below on whether you would stay here!