valentines day

Monthly Covet: Valentines Day Edition

img_9193-2 Chronically single as I am, I decided to, once again draft a wishlist of things I want to get for myself for Valentines Day this year. Cool enough, this also kicks off the first of many travel themed Monthly Covet lists you should check out at the start of each month this year. So for all of my single women with wanderlust, this one is for you.

Valentines Day Single Girl Travel

1. Teeez Cosmetics Style Addict Highlighter When Teeez sent this to me, I felt beyond honoured to have the privilege to shine on anyone who underestimates me. The easy to apply cream formula reflects beautifully on my skin and will for sure make it in my makeup bag on my next vacation.

2. Skinny Dip London iPhone No Boyf No Probs Phone case I love the Skinnydip London case I already have, and I obviously need another one right? I mean...what phone case better declares your single-state than this?

3. Chapters Indigo Embossed Journal  To write about how single you are. I love pouring my heart out on pages faster than my dominant hand can write. Reading back over memories that time changed and skewed is always a fun shock for me. One of my biggest regrets is not journaling while I travelled.

4. Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds  I always have at least 3-4 podcasts downloaded, at least one audiobook and 1-2 new albums when I’m on a flight. These noise cancelling headphones would suit my need to isolate myself while on a flight….and obviously my romantic life wah.)

5. Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie with Rose Gold  Simple black booties pair well with most outfits, a sign of the perfect shoe to pack for long and short trips. I was drooling over these in Saks 5th Avenue, and they haven’t left my mind since.

6. Tom Ford Lipstick A bold lip and sunglasses are sometimes all you need to look fabulous when you land. I usually wear minimal makeup on flights (unless it’s a short flight to New York or Montreal where the adventure begins, not when I hit my hotel, but when I breeze out of customs).

This year I’m continuing my tradition of celebrating my autonomy with a third annual fun night out with Taylor. Are any of you going to be single on Valentines Day this year? If so, what are you getting up to?