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Elaisha Goes...To The Beverley Hotel


Staycations are the best. Amy and I had a little get together at The Beverley Hotel here in Toronto.


Pants: EXPRESS Turtle Neck: ESPRIT Nail Colour: essie


I climbed all the way to the top of the hotel stairs to a room 41 with a view of snow-covered Toronto below. I had frequently passed the underrated Queen West destination while on harried journeys across the city.

Natural light filled the room and the peek-a-boo bathroom (Amy and I could have totally watched each other pee...) and made for a Pinterest-perfect space.

(All pictures by bae, aka Amy at Bratty B

For a boutique hotel, the room was incredibly spacious (much bigger than my standard hotel rooms in Paris and London...). We ordered breakfast which arrived quite quickly (after our order was taken by a staff member who came right to our door to deliver a menu). Amy ordered the generous parfait while I enjoyed the lemon ricotta pancakes.

While I do love pancakes from Mildred's, with the first bite, these ones became my favourite in the city. The medley of lemon mixed with maple syrup and the light texture of the pancakes sent me for a loop. I'll definitely return for those again.


I wholly recommend the Beverley Hotel for a budget staycation with a touch of luxury in the city. The prompt room service, space of the room and delicious food make me want to visit over again!