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Get in the Driver's Seat | 21 Road Trip Essentials


Last week on a road trip, I was put to the test of getting in the driver's seat. Those of you who know I don't have my drivers licence, don't panic! I'm talking about the driver's seat of my life. Keep reading to find out how...

On my 7-day East Coast adventure, I received some tough news. I had to decide in that moment if I was going to be a passenger in my own life or if I was going to fight my way into the driver's seat. Should I just give up and fall back into habits I was working out of from last year? Or should I follow the advice I would give a friend, "Take control. It's your life."

I decided to work to drive my own destiny. To turn the steering wheel until I was off the road I was on and onto uncharted territory. I stayed up that night and drafted a business plan I had been thinking of for a while, but felt too comfortable to reach for. It's scary going after what you deserve, but it also feels right. It's bumpy and the path isn't smooth or clear. But I think I'll be alright. As the inspirational Oprah once said, "You want to be in the driver's seat of your own life because if you are not, life will drive you."

My fellow travel writer Caleigh Alleyene and I packed everything we needed for a week into an RV and hit the road. Road trips are gross and tiring. They take a lot of planning and a good sense of humour to get through. While you wait for my guides on New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, here are some essentials I wish I had or that that kept me sane during our drive.