The Only Thing Stopping You Is Yourself

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When I was creating the 7-Day Job Mindfulness Challenge I knew I had to write this post. On day 6 I invite people to open their hearts and dream. 

However, I remember the first time my life coach asked me to dream and I felt so embarrassed. I felt ridiculous telling her I wanted to run the 100th annual Oscars, that I wanted to have a house by the beach with a rescue dog, that I wanted to help others. She asked me to run through what was stopping me from accomplishing those dreams. 

What kept coming up for me were: 





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While fear was last on my list it covered every subject. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough money if I went back to school. I was afraid my responsibilities of taking care of a sick family member would stop me again. I was afraid. So very afraid. 

Now I realize those were stories I was telling myself. When I first moved into my apartment I thought, how am I going to be able to afford this place? But I made it work. When I booked my first trip abroad I thought, how am I going to travel across the world on my own. But I made it work. 

The only thing stopping you is yourself. Your perspective and your thoughts. If you tell yourself you can’t do something you can’t do it. If you dream and you reach and you try you can make it happen. If you fail, learn from it and try again. 

Acclaimed author and activist Toni Morrison started writing at 40 years old. She went on to receive a Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize and many other accolades while inspiring and touching lives across the globe. 

In her early 20s, Oprah was fired from TV and told she was unfit for the very job she has today. Not only is she a multi-billionaire she has helped so many people through not giving up. 

You have a choice. To convince yourself you’re not enough and that you’re not of service. Or to shine and take the steps you need to manifest the life you fucking deserve. 

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