President's Choice Pork & Vegetable Potstickers

Easy Potstickers featuring President's Choice Pork & Vegetable

img_4984 I'm sharing my secret go-to recipe for busy days! When I quickly come home for lunch from work or when I don't feel like making an elaborate dish that still tastes great this meal is delicious (and quick).

You only need a few ingredients to make this yummy dish!


½ tbsp. of coconut oil

½ a pack of President's Choice Pork & Vegetable  Potstickers

½ tbsp. of sesame seed oil

A side dish of President's Choice Plum Sauce


I preheat my pan and add my coconut oil. Once it melts, I wait a few seconds then add my pot stickers. A lot of people like them just browned, but I like them a little crispier/charred.


Once the potstickers are crispy, I remove them from the pan and throw them into a bowl and drizzle a bit of sesame oil on it. Then I mix them in the bowl before plating them and grabbing my side of plum sauce and settling in for a delicious meal.


And boom! It's that easy.


Do you have any go-to quick recipes? I'm looking for a few more.