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Un-masking my Feelings: Top 3 Face Masks for Fall and Winter

img_7819 I'm emotionally constipated. That's the frankest and easiest way to say it. I'm not good at expressing my emotions. Last time I had to reveal my true feelings to someone I was shaking and I totally cried. Keep reading to find out why it went well in spite of the tears!

Letting myself feel vulnerable and expressing myself is the scariest thing. I'm already super awkward, so letting my guard down makes me awkward x10. The major key to unmasking my feelings is writing them down before I reveal them. Know which points are the most important to highlight then hit home. If you can keep your notes in front of you, do it. Don't fee embarrassed about it! The best way to sound eloquent is to write your thoughts down and sort them out beforehand.

While working on removing the mask from my emotions, I'm also busy taking care of my skin by putting masks on! Here are my top 3 masks

LUSH  Mask of Magnaminty I'm obsessed with this mask. Recommended to me by my girl Janu at LUSH. When I put it on it was like an exfoliant and mask as I applied it. When I washed it off my skin felt super soft and fresh (from the minty tingle). This was my weekly mask of choice when I would pamper myself with my weekly sit-in bath (my daily showers just aren't as nice). After hopping out of the warm bath, I'd apply the mask onto my clean and exfoliated face. After 5-10 minutes my skin would honestly feel brand new.

The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask I tried the Ethiopian Deep Honey Nourishing Mask and it did not work for my skin type. My face felt a bit tight and dry after I washed it off. However, didn't give up on The Body Shop's new Superfood Mask line and gave the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask a try. I loved trying this mask! The formula was similar to putting strawberry jelly on my face. But when I washed it off my face felt anything but sticky. It felt so soft, moist and frankly a little pump. I loved it. It was rejuvenating and I've tried it twice since whenever my face felt super tight or tired.

img_7820 L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask  The hype is real guys. Last month all over my Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube were influencers heralding the new mask line from L'Oreal as everything. My skin gets super dull in the winter, so I went for the charcoal detoxifying mask. It was super cool to see my usually unnoticeable pores standout as the mask dried. Now, the only issue: I have combination skin. So this mask was great for my t-zone and drying for my cheeks. My face felt a bit tight after I washed it off. I would definitely recommend it in the summer for those with combination skin versus the drying summer. I kept this review in because I know some of you have oilier skin! This mask is totally for you. Try it and thank me later.

Do you have a problem with masking your emotions? Have you tried any of these masks? Let me know in the comments!