ECCO Jilin Shopper

Top 6 Carry-Alls You Need for Your next Vacation

I’m excited to announce my partnership with! I will be curating my favourite products available on the website that I recommend for travellers.  square

While I favour backpacks as carry-on options, I am the biggest fan of carry-all bags as my 'personal bag' or purse on the plane. Last year I was on the hunt for the perfect one (I thankfully found two!). However, I'm always on the lookout for other huge totes to bring along with me on my journeys. Check out my current faves below!


1. Calvin Klein Sonoma Quilted Fara Reversible Tote Anything quilted is an automatic yes in my books since it reminds me of my favourite style; equestrian. Pretty cool that it's reversible too!

2. SQLP Women's Waterproof Handbag This large purse is in the lower price point range among this group. The vegan bag also has an inner attachment that matches the interior of the bag.

3. ECCO Jilin Shopper  I'm a fan of the kinds of leather Ecco uses. The simple design with geometric details is a trademark of the Danish brand and I'd love to rock this one in the airport.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Multi Tassel Tote  Now, this bag is a Rebecca Minkoff purse I can get behind! While the tassels are a little flamboyant for me I think a little flare never hurt anyone.

5. TUMI Voyageur Just in Case Travel Duffel This big bag is one of my favourites. I've always wanted a TUMI luggage set and for now, this is as close as it's going to get for me. This piece (like several of the other bags) also comes with a mini bag inside so you can clip your essentials to the handle for easy access.

6. Vince Camuto Riley Medium Tote This triple-interior purse would be a dream come true while on the plane. I try to be organized when I pack my purse for the plane: important things in one pocket, entertainment in the other and a spare pocket for last minute things that didn't fit in my knapsack.

You might have noticed that they're all black. While I'm pretty adventurous with what I wear, my purses tend to be black or brown. Maybe I should try something else?