Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel Review

Elaisha Jade Amari Watergate Bankok Hotel

Searching for Luxury in Bangkok? Look no further than the Amari Watergate Hotel.  

When Desiree and I walked into the Amari Watergate we were relieved. We had just flown in from Chiang Mai on a delayed flight on a budget airline. We decided to spring for a more expensive Hotel in the heart of the Pratunam district in Bangkok.

We were greeted with cool towels and a refreshing drink. The strong air conditioning was a welcome treat too. We were escorted upstairs to the executive lounge where we were immediately offered drinks and a plush seat. I wasn’t mad.

Amari Watergate Bangkok Welcome Drink exclusive
Amari Bangkok watergate hotel waterfall installation
Elaisha jade and Desiree Thomas

The city’s connection to water was apparent from its water taxis to the water market. The gorgeous installation in the lobby we later learned was built as an homage to water too. Although the interior felt luxurious it didn’t feel sterile and cold like most hotels at that price point. Instead, we felt super welcome and free to stroll about in-between exploring the city.

Elaisha Jade night view at the Amari Watergate Bangkok

The hotel room gave an incredible view of the city at night. Like most busy Asian cities, the neon lights of the night were an attraction themselves. Wrapped up in our robes and we sunk into the plush bed—happy that the mattress wasn’t like the popular eastern firm style.

afterlight 17.jpeg

As club members in the luxe rooms, we had access to the private executive floor. Breakfast and a happy hour buffet were served separately from the main breakfast area. While those amenities were a welcome break from the hotel crowds, you need to visit the main breakfast area. The Amaya Food gallery was an international delight. I enjoyed Thai foods along with Italian, Indian and other nations.  

The Amari Watergate is near the Platinum Shopping Mall filled with essentials (I bought a MacBook charger) and Pratunam Market (where I salivated over delicious night treats). So we found it easy to access everything we needed outside of the hotel (not much was needed though).

amari bangkok watergate elaisha jade

Moto-taxis were lined up outside of the hotel and Uber was readily available. We actually took the express train into the city from the airport instead of battling the infamous Bangkok traffic. The water taxi took some getting used to but eventually, I grew to love it. Getting around was not an issue in Bangkok.

From the rooftop swimming pool to the decadent spa and delicious breakfast buffet we were in heaven at the Amari Watergate. Service was quick and easy. Whenever we called help to our room they were really nice and helpful. The wifi was strong and quite fast as well.

If you’re looking for a little bit of home away from home this hotel is for you. It has more of a New York feel than Thai, so ‘authentic experience’ hunters beware. However, business travellers, this spot is everything you’re looking for.