5 Ways to Step-Up Your Instagram Game

img_0737 A while back my girl Dominique Bennett-Bouchard messaged me on Facebook that she admired my Instagram. My response was pure glee! My hard work had been noticed by a fellow creator who I admired. She then asked me for some tips.

Find Inspiration (not imitation) There are so many Instagram accounts that are artistically curated to perfection. I'm working achieve at least a fraction of what some of them have someday! For now, I'll admire from a distance. One of my favourite accounts is Amy's aka @BrattyB. Her aesthetic is bomb and so is her style. She may not be your cup of tea (pft not possible), but take notes. She'll be going places.

Pick Your Colours I only use one filter, and one filter only. Sometimes I brighten my photos or add some heat to them, but generally, they all have the same kind of feel. I also realized what main colours I should have in each shot so that my grid flowed easily on the eyes.

Surround Yourself with the Right People For those of you not privileged enough to not have an Instagram husband you've got to surround yourself with the right people. I begged my friends and relatives and got the pictures I wanted. However, when I surrounded myself with bloggers and photographers who wanted to work and collaborate with me on my vision and see it through.

Draft a Plan After detailed research and how I saw my favourite Instgrammers reach success, I decided I would post almost every day on my Instagram.  Twice a day for special occasions and at select times. I don't always stick to it, however, I know what will help me succeed and I'm working towards it.

Get the Right Apps I was never a fan of Later.me and Schedugram. I used them on the corporate level and then personally and we just didn't really match up. Desiree from A Desired Journey introduced me to Planoly and I was in love the user interface was way prettier than any other Instagram scheduler I had worked with in the past.

What are you doing to step your Instagram game up? Did I miss anything? Share with me in the comments.


(Photo by BrattyB)