Capturing Moments to Remember

I kept a journal when I was younger. In it I penned the mortifying truths of growing pains as my raw, unfiltered thoughts were released onto the pages. Some of these autobiographical chapters in my life were read by people close to me and misinterpreted as mean or callous. Really I just wrote freely from my mind and sometimes my inner dialogue was mean, but after careful thought, I would always try to act with empathy in mind.

So I've gone back and reread some of my scandalous what my favourite personality quirk of my longstanding crush is (I still think he and I should totally get married) and what I really thought of my school 'friends'. I also discovered something else as I read on. The progression of my sassy edges whittling away into an agreeable more palatable person. It wasn't obvious at first until I picked up on a few cues that revealed a defeatist attitude.


 Shoes: H&M Jumpsuit: An oldie, but a goodie.

Without capturing those memories and leaving a time capsule for me to find I would have been doomed to repeat my past. Over the past year, I felt my edges fray, just like they did in middle school. While I haven't picked up writing in a journal again just yet, I did buy this adorable Instax Mini and a lot of film. I want to capture this summer in film and reflect at the end of it. I want the fun memories I make to be imprinted in my mind. I want to I remember that life is what you make it. It'll always have a little good, a lot of bad and maybe if you're lucky a little sass thrown in there too.




Do you guys do anything to remind you of your self-worth?