Show me your friends...

When I got the invite to Everafter Music Festival, I didn’t Tweet or post on Facebook first. No, I searched for Taylor’s contact in my phone and excitedly invited her to come with me. With the crazy headlining lineup of Flosstradamus, Skrillex, Zedd and other local artists I had to tell her to dust off her flower crown and short shorts.


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A while back, my friend, (who established himself quickly in his early 20s) expressed how unfortunate it was that his friends couldn’t afford to share the same memories as him. He wanted to travel the world and pop bottles of champagne wherever he went, but most of his friends were starving artists. At first, I thought he was being frivolous, but then I really thought about it.

Success and adventure aren’t fun without anyone to share it with. Sure some things are ok to do alone, but rooftops in Paris or baths in Istanbul are even better with someone you care about beside you.

Taylor and I met over 10 years ago through mutual acquaintances. We always ran in similar friend-groups but didn’t really get to know each other until she moved here from Ottawa. When people asked us how we met and got to know each other, she’d mention that she wasn’t down to be my friend at first. I can be excitable, embarrassing and just a bag full of energy. It didn’t vibe with Taylor’s too-cool-for-school (as I liked to call it) attitude. She really thought we couldn’t be friends since I was just too…well, too much for her to handle.

But after 4 years she learned to put up with me (while smiling I might add!) and I wormed my way into her little black heart. She became extremely important to me. She joined as one of 3 very close friends (hey Mila and Megan) that I loved dearly and who supported me through tough times and kept me in check. While I wrote this piece I got a bit emotional. Cliche, but I didn't know where I would be without my friends…my adopted family. Are your friends that important to you?



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The winner will be announced May 30. Winner must have and confirm their own transportation and accommodation to the festival to receive prize.