17 Days of Summer

September 23rd is the last day of summer. There are 17 days left. How are you going to make the most of it? Keep reading for how I'm going to soak up the last bit of summer.


Change things up  My extension braids are out and the fro is now free. I may regret taking them out with the busyness of TIFF and the back to school time but I wanted a fun change to usher in the new season. Wear white after labour day 'Cause why not? Not wearing white after labour day is a classist tradition that I've never followed. While evidence of my lunch may be on my ivory pants, at least I looked good for an hour or two. Go somewhere you haven't before... I explored the adorable park in my pictures when out west staying with a family friend. After some investigating I found out that the whole perimeter is turned into a skating park in winter! This year I'm also hitting the industry track at TIFF for the first time and I can't wait. I've gone every year for the past 4 years but this will be a bit different.  Some cool updates on TIFF to come soon!

Get organized I just did a big room purge and clean-up so I'll have a clear mind when the busy season kicks in. That way I'll spend less time indoors looking for the perfect booties to wear and more time actually wearing them.

Make a Playlist To celebrate the transition I made a playlist on my Soundcloud (of course). The summer nostalgia is so real.

Even though fall is quickly approaching it doesn't mean that you have to lock yourself away. Embrace it. Make the most of the it's-too-hot-for-this-sweater-why-did-I-wear-it weather before you're swimming in a sea of jackets on the streetcar.