Elaisha Goes...to TIFF Blog 1: My Picks

I have this thing with movie trailers...I can't get enough of them. I'm insatiable. I decided to check out the TIFF Trailer playlist to choose my top picks hitting screens across downtown Toronto this festival season. Some really stood out and I hope I can fit them into my schedule between industry sessions and press events.  Below are my picks and why these picks they made it on my list. Click the title if you’d like to learn more about the film; my blurbs are not a synopsis.


Denis Villeneuve nabbed and kept my attention since I screened left the theatre shocked and emotionally drained after watching Incendies (2010). While he didn't write this film, he worked again with cinematographer, Roger Deakins, who was behind the grit of Prisoners (2013). Every time I leave a Villeneuve film I feel like my world is off balance...and I like that a lot. I call him the cliffhanger king.


This film made the cut not only because Tom Hardy is 'Parent Trapping' the whole thing by playing the role of twins in the film (which must have been tiring) but he’s a good actor with a knack for picking out suitable films. Even if his old MySpace pictures are terrible…


I. Can't. WAIT. While this star-crossed lovers tale has been done over and over again I've never seen it from this type of perspective. I've also only seen one film with two directors so it'll be interesting to see how this pans out too.


I have high hopes for the French films this season. Seems like this teen-pregnancy story will be told with a touch of naïveté, grandiosity and heartbreak without the dramatics of, '16 and Pregnant'. Hopefully another gem in contemporary French cinema.

Beeba Boys

Based on true stories and characters of violent gang crimes by ruthless criminals. No this isn't an American film about American gangs. It's a Canadian film set in...wait for it: Canada. Oh and it's an Indo-Canadian themed movie with a wide North American release starring big names in Indian cinema.

Urban Hymn

There is no movie-love like platonic love. I find that while romantic love in movies can be riveting and initially attention grabbing, unless it’s a film like 'Like, Crazy' with an unconventional love-story it just follows the romantic comedy or tragic love-story template. From using the London Riots to set the mood of the film to the pain of the social worker as she takes a troubled girl under her wing I'm excited to check this out.



Christopher Plummer must really love his job. He’s still at it. While it seems that this role won’t push any grave limits it will be nice to watch him on the screen again for what may be his final project before retirement. Oh and Nneka Elliott will make a cameo as a news reporter

Wedding Doll

I'm definitely going to cry when watching this one. Snickers bar in hand. Not sure how the casting and even direction handled


I've never watched a movie set in Ethiopia and the story seemed intriguing. Hopefully I’ll be able watch more Ethiopian cinema soon, but for now I’ll start here.

Honorable Mentions


As I open my Eyes






Ville Marie