A Quick Trip to New York: Kimpton Hotel Eventi Review

Hotel Kimpton Eventi Entrance Elaisha Jade

I had the best time twerking and eating my way through New York City while staying at the Kimpton Eventi. New York City is known as a very walkable city and this hotel is in the best spot to prove it. From the 5-minute walk to Madison Square Garden to the 8-minute stroll to Target I was set. I only took the metro once and that was to the airport. I bought fizzy cider at Trader Joe’s and delicious pizza down the street. I sipped and ate all bougie while I got ready for B2K with my travel buddy, Desiree from A Desired Journey.

Kimpton Eventi NYC Hotel Elaisha Jade in Bed

If you plan to buss down and have a Thotiana moment like Desiree and I at Madison Square Garden, this is the hotel for you. Especially if you want to feel swanky in the city without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to learn more about whether I enjoyed the Kimpton Eventi. And whether this is the place for your next trip.

Elaisha Jade at the Kimpton Eventi Hotel Room

I took the $1 Megabus down (I’m writing about my experience!) and the stop was only a few blocks away from the Kimpton Eventi. I grabbed my suitcase and hauled myself over to the hotel. A little sweaty and in need of a place to relax I decided to try my hand at an early check-in. The receptionist was helpful and checked me in with no fee.

You guys know, the bathroom is my spot. If the bathroom is gross in a hotel, I can’t deal. This bathroom was huge and beautiful. Unlike other hotels I’ve visited in NYC this one was spacious and perfect for selfies. So of course I took a million. The shower tub situation was clean-ish. But I gave it a little wipe and it was good to go when I showered. I walked around my room in my robe and slippers like a queen.

The bed was comfortable but not particularly memorable. Yes I’m lounging in my outside clothes, but they were fresh from the laundry I promise. The bed was roomy enough for Desiree and I to have a peaceful night’s sleep. In spite of  her kicking and flailing. We went to bed after a night of dancing and late night McDonalds.

Kimpton Eventi Elaisha Jade NYC

It was cold and rainy for part of my stay. So I had to enjoy the view from my room window instead of the beautiful terrace. The Kimpton Eventi offers complimentary coffee and cocktail hour for guests. It was a pleasant surprise!

We ate a delicious brunch at L’amico after an easy check out. Desiree ordered the ricotta pancakes and I had a skillet breakfast. I knew I wouldn’t be eating until I got to the airport so I wanted to be full. I also enjoyed the Non Classico Spritz while Des got herself a mimosa. You can check out their brunch menu here. Should I write a full review?

L'Amico Restaurant in the Kimpton Eventi

Leaving was bittersweet, but I had another quick trip to Montreal to take. I rode the metro to Laguardia easily. I rode north to Harlem from Penn station then hopped on the express bus. It was as easy as I remembered it!

If you have a lot to do in midtown New York City on a quick trip, I definitely recommend the Kimpton Eventi in. The staff were pleasant and helpful, the room was great and the restaurant was delicious. I received luxury amenities without luxury prices and that’s good in my books.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to NYC sooner than you think. When I visit what you do you want me to write about?