I spent Galentine's Day with my Amazon Alexa

amazon alexa

Me eating a Valentine's Day donut in bed while reading travel magazines: A mood

I spent Galentine's Day with my Amazon Eco. I promise that isn't as weird as it sounds... I decided that I would have an amazing Valentine's Day with Taylor. Then she ditched me (thanks Taylor Valentine's Day tradition broken). So instead I decided to have a cute date night with my mum. 

But I had some travel planning to do the day before. So I put my mind to planning out my next trip. I poured over some travel magazines and got to work. I asked Alexa (who I had set up the day before) to play some Stevie Wonder. She promptly complied and started blasting my favourite soul songs from her powerful speaker (yes I consider Alexa to be a girl...she's my friend ok!). 

While looking into my beach vacation I asked her some questions, what the temperature would be like at my next destination, what plane tickets would be between islands and the exchange rate. She was on point for all of my questions.

I almost asked her why I don't have a man yet, but I thought that would be pushing it. So Alexa is basically my new Travel Agent and I'm not mad about it. Hopefully next year I'll be using Alexa to order a gift for my significant other, until then I'll be planning away.  

amazon alexa eco

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