Best Make Up For Ever Products for Summer Vacation

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Suns out bronzed buns out! It’s time to hit the airport in your no-makeup-makeup look and I have a few recommendations. I am a creature of habit. One of the reasons why I’m terrified of publishing all of the YouTube beauty tutorials I’ve filmed is: I literally wear the same makeup everyday. Make Up For Ever products are about 70% of my beauty bag and I’m beyond ready to share my faves with you. From how I get rid of traces of my shiny t-zone to how I stop my face from sliding off in the heat, I shared my secrets.

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Keep reading for what new editions you need in your summer makeup bag from Make Up For Ever.


Ultra HD Loose Powder

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I didn’t even know what baking or powdering was or how much of a difference it made. That was until I attended a Make Up For Ever educational class that changed my life. This powder added a chic finish to my looks. Unlike before where my face would start to melt in the heat, this powder keeps it all in check. Surprisingly, the universal powder actually works on my skin tone, paler and deeper shades as well.


Pro Bronze Fusion

Pro Bronze Fusion.png

I’ve been using this for years. I am absolutely obsessed with how long lasting and pigmented it is. After I apply foundation and concealer I look like a beige blob. This adds the ultimate dimension to my face and a needed glow when I haven’t visited anywhere tropical.


Pro Light Fusion in Golden Pink

Pro Light Fusion .png

When I want to bring out the big guns, I use this baby. The colour stands out but isn’t too much (non-Instagram models need not be wary). What’s great is it blends in well with the Pro Bronze Fusion.


Mist & Fix Setting Spray

Mist & Fix .png

This teamed up with the HD Loose setting powder are game changers. Thankfully while abroad there is a travel edition that I bring with me. So if I have to hop on the back of a moto taxi in Bangkok (true story), at least my face will be intact.


Powder Brush

Powder Brush .png

Their cruelty-free brushes are so soft! After baking my under eyes or applying powder using this brush has been my go-to for about two years now. I bring it with me everywhere.


Step 1 Skin Equalizer: Mattifying Primer

Step 1 Equalizer mattifying primer .png

My t-zone used to be out of control. I’d feel so good about my look until I took a peek in the mirror and saw how shiny my forehead and nose were. Outside of using powder this is the ultimate skin mattifying solution for me. I apply after moisturizer


Step 1 Skin Equalizer: Radiant Primer in Peach

Step 1 equalizer #27408.png

Bye-bye dark circles! This changed my life. Admittedly when I was at another Make Up For Ever sessions I stood taken aback. The educator advised that I should use this primer under my eyes and just below my lower lip. Despite my denial, I tried it and it changed my beauty routine. The peach colour cancelled out the darker pigmented skin. So I looked young and fresh even before I put on my concealer.

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Did I miss anything? What are your makeup must-haves? Comment them down below