9 Things to Do in Chiang Mai Thailand 

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Some photos were taken by Desiree Thomas

I felt so alive in Chiang Mai. Last November, my itinerary was packed with memorable adventures that I'm excited to share with you guys. When I visited Thailand I made the most of the few days I was able to enjoy in the expat paradise. My hotel X2 Decem was near the heart of the city and gave me access to all of the fun but was still within my bad-and-boujee budget.

Keep reading for my top 9 things to do in Chiang Mai Thailand

Visit a Thai Restaurant

Seems obvious right? But the temptation of eating at a North American chain while abroad is real. But don't do it.  While on our way back from our Elephant tour, our driver pointed out and recommended Hong Tauw Inn. It was close to our hotel, so I was down to try it out. I got shrimp Pad Thai and I was in heaven. I certainly enjoyed diving into the surprisingly sweet cuisine of the Asian Island and this flavour was one of my favourites. 


Visit the Women of Long Neck Karen Village

long neck karen chiang mai thailand

The Long Neck women of Mae Hong Son just outside of Chiang Mai were stunning. We spent only a few hours walking among them and visiting their stalls, however it was definitely one of the most memorable experiences I had there. Read my full review here. 


Eat at a Night Market

Some of the most delicious food I ate in Thailand was at the night market in Chiang Mai. In the middle of all the Lantern Festival action, there were some delicious eats in a nearby night market. Read my full review here.

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Take a Mud Bath with Elephants

Guys, I not only met an elephant, I met an entire herd of them. I bathed with the gentle giants and had the chance to feed them at the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Rai. Yes it was a little gross, but I'm used to poop and animals (I used to work with dogs remember?)Read my full review here. 


Ride a Tuk-Tuk 

Our first night in Chiang Rai I convinced Desiree that we should ride a tuk-tuk taxi. I had done a bunch of research and read warnings about which ones to take, so ensure you do your own too! We went to a taxi stand and after negotiating prices, we hopped onto a small scooter. Our driver was so young I had more facial hair than him. 

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Take a Day Trip out to Chiang Rai

I visited the temple of death. The juxtaposition of the crystal white temple to the desperate reaching hands was definitely creepy, but still a great experience to have under my belt. Read my full review here.

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Visit Think Park

I ate some of the best food in and around Think Park near the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre. The Dom Cafe is a MUST visit. My hungry belly cries out for the delicious desserts my friends and I dug into there. Read my full review here.


Watch the Ladyboy Show

Sadly jet lag stole my thunder and I wasn’t able to visit the legendary ladyboy show in Chaing Mai. According to my fellow travel buddy Andrew Gunadie, the Lady Boy show is an essential for anyone visiting Chiang Mai.  


Attend the Lantern festival

chiang mai lantern festival elaisha jade black traveller

The lantern festival was an incredible experience. I was excited to release a lantern in honour of my best friend who passed away this year. I was definitely on the brink of tears and it was an amazing way to end 2017. Read my full guide to experiencing the lantern festival while in Chiang Mai here. 

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Would you try any of these? Let me know in the comments below!