Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers (under $100!)

Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers (under $100!)

Elaisha Jade at Viamede

Welcome to the boujee on a budget Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers. This post is for 2 people:

1. You have a friend who travels way too much which means they have enough money to get their own gifts if they wanted (you're not jealous at all). You also want to get them an amazing gift for Christmas that they'll actually use.

2. You're a traveller and your friends always get you annoying gifts. Send them this post. 

Keep reading if you're either of the above and be sure to share this post to save a life!

Scratch The World  

This cute poster is possibly the most wanderlust of all wanderlusty gifts. This cute poster allows your travelling buddy to scratch off whichever destinations they've visited. They can obnoxiously hang it up for everyone to see and ask them about trips they've heard about ten times. 

Passport Cover 

Fun story: I almost didn't get a visa to go to China because my passport had water damage. It had water damage because I didn't use my passport cover last year. Don't let your friend be me. Get them a passport cover

A Journal

A journal so they can write all of their travel stories down instead of Snapchatting you the whole time. You went to Thailand, we get it. 


Since they keep running away from your friendship, why not make it easier on their knees with these comfy kicks. My Reeboks were a cheap and cheerful alternative to the Nikes I really wanted. These sneakers are stylish and pretty cute. 

Portable Charger 

To be honest, this purchase is so you can live life at your pettiest. When fully juiced, this can charge phones up to 2 times.  So all those times your friend is abroad and sends the "Sorry my phone died! :)" text just send a screenshot of your receipt for this portable charger as a response.

Anti-theft Knapsack 

If your friend travels often enough they've had something stolen, lost or ruined. Get them this knapsack so they can stop complaining about it. It prevents sticky fingers from getting a hold of their precious travel-trinkets or whatever it is they carry. Plus it looks better than whatever else they're carrying. 

Stylish Sunglasses

Ok don't get these if you don't want your friend to be cuter than you. But get them anyways because you're a good friend. Here are some other sunnies in case they don't tickle your traveller's fancy.  

Expandable Luggage  

Sick of seeing them in the same outfit in their Instagram pictures? Help your traveller broaden their clothing options by getting them this expanding luggage (it's under $70!).

Compression packing cubes 

Now that they've got all of that luggage space, help them fit everything into it with compression packing cubes! I love these things. 

Digital Luggage Scale 

Possibly one of the most useful things I ever purchased was a luggage scale. I've never had to pay extra for my luggage being overweight and neither does your friend. 

Good luck with your frequent traveller friends. I admit we're not the best friends, but you love us anyway. 

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