Elaisha Goes...To Niagara Falls with Ford Canada

Elaisha Jade in Niagara-On-The-Lake

I visited Niagara Falls years ago with my childhood friend and her family. We had the chance to see the falls and do the classic "Maid on the Mist" tours while strolling about downtown Niagara. However, this time was different.

Ford Canada reached out to get Amy (BrattyB) and I out for a weekend of fun in their Ford Edge SUV! Keep reading for my 2-day Niagara Falls Itinerary. 


Day 1: Clifton Hill + Skylon Tower

I felt fancy as hell in the Ford Edge! The creamy leather of the interior seats and all of the add-on functions would have made for a comfortable long road trip. Since I wanted to throw on some ratchet music right away, I connected my phone to the Bluetooth right away. It took about 1 minute to set up (compared to fussing with it for over 5 minutes/giving up in other cars I've been in).  I plugged in the navigation straight to our first stop, Clifton Hill and we were on our way. We were sure to listen to the audiobook “Cataract City” (which is a book about Niagara!) on the Sync 3 in the Ford Edge which was a cool way to build anticipation up to our journey to the falls. 

As Amy drove through to Niagara, she told me childhood stories about growing up near Niagara in Burlington. It was cool to get to where she grew up and where her favourite haunts were. 

Clifton Hill Skywheel

Soon we pulled up to the Clifton Hill parking lot and Amy backed into a spot easily while directed by the SUV's camera and sensor. I was pretty impressed with her parking job, but she did have help. Soon we were on top of the world in the Sky Wheel. The upgraded Ferris Wheel gave us an amazing view of the falls. Later that night we pulled up and visited Clifton Hill and used our Fun Passes. We shot at Zombies, walked through a haunted house (I totally peed myself a little bit) and walked through the wax museum. It was like Amy and I were on the cutest first date ever! We were hooligans without our leashes on, it was a hilarious time. 

We split up our time at Clifton Hill so we could venture to, Skylon. The tower arguably had the best view of the falls. We had a delicious lunch in the revolving tower. From toasting over a view of the falls to eating the best slice of cheesecake I had ever tried (if you ever go, order the pralines cheesecake) it was such a delicious time. After we shook off the food exhaustion, we took the elevator all the way up to the top. We walked the circumference of Skylon tower in awe.  thankfully it wasn't too busy.  After a while, it was pretty cold, but we got some amazing pictures of the view. 

Elaisha Jade at the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls

We valet parked our Ford Edge and headed up to our hotel to take it all in. You can check out my full review of our stay at the Mariott on the Falls here. We settled in and planned our night. We walked out to Clifton Hill and had a grand time then swung by Margaritaville. I enjoyed a delicious Margarita and Amy had deep fried pickles. We caught up over food and talked life, goals and our plans for the next day. 


Day 2 FallsView + Niagara-On-The-Lake 

Elaisha Jade at Niagara Falls

On Day 2 of our Niagara adventure with Ford, we had a packed day. First, we strolled down to the falls. We took a cute pathway down to the main falls lookout point. We were able to view the Canadian and American sides of the falls. I had seen it from a distance all weekend from our hotel room, the tower and the Skywheel. We were hit by the mist and giggled as we took some fun pictures. Visiting the falls off-season meant that there weren't too many people there, even on Sunday morning. 

Bratty B Amy McKissock driving

Later, we retrieved our car from the friendly Valet staff, opened the sunroof and headed on our way. We drove over while listening to a mix of P.Diddy, Post Malone and some classics. It was easy to direct Amy as Google maps read out directions as she drove along and I danced in my seat. I didn't know what to expect before we pulled up to the Peller Estates. When we got there, I felt like we were in an Episode of the O.C. I was not in Kansas anymore. 

Elaisha Jade at Peller Estates Niagara-On-The-Lake

We enjoyed a legendary meal that afternoon. I went for the blind chef's tasting while Amy went for the 5-course brunch. You can read my full review of our experience here. 

Peller Estates Restaurant

We then prepped to leave and got ourselves settled in the Ford Edge. To be honest, I didn't want to return it. It was cool to just sit back with a friend and listen to music we both love. While jamming out, I remembered that Sony and Ford had teamed up to create incredible sound quality. When I turned up Amy's theme song, P.O.P. by Belly, the bass was so clean we both looked at each other and grinned. 

Thanks for reading this post guys! If you have any questions about my stay in Niagara or the Ford Edge, be sure to comment down below. 

*This post was made in collaboration with Ford and Clifton Hill.