The Weekly #ElaishaGoes


makeup-forever I'm starting a new series where I chat about what I've been up to and what events I've had the chance to go to. I like sharing different parts of my life, but sometimes you guys may miss certain things on my social, so let me know if this is something that you'd like to continue to see. Not sure if I want to do this weekly, or just every once and a while.

Mackage Fashion Show

RIP World MasterCard Fashion Week! But I'm excited for what's taken its place. Rogue independent shows, after parties galore and even a few fashion shows have popped up. While I received a bunch of invites, I decided to take it easy and only attend a few.



Today was the Mackage show, but I missed it by 3 minutes. I sprinted towards the check in desk after running 20 minutes later than I was scheduled (thank you TTC!) and was told then that the show had already ended. At least I made it for the brunch and left with a few goodies. It was in celebration of their new Toronto flagship store opening at Yorkdale. I made the trek to my old stomping grounds and also took a swing around Yorkdale too.


Wearing: Reitman Leggings, GAP Booties, Uniqlo Shirt 

img_5025 img_5022

Tom Odell

tom-odell-on-piano I finally got to see Tom Odell live. I remember hearing Another Love for the first time and thinking 'Woah, this guy has it'. Then bingeing on everything he made that I could get my hands on. When I watched The Fault In our Stars by myself at the theatre on Fathers Day (lol), I remember hearing his track during the movie and immediately recognizing his voice. Check my review on Aesthetic Magazine Toronto.



Makeup Forever #GlamToGhoul

makeup-forever I joined my boo, Amy (Bratty B) and some other lovely bloggers for a ghoulish Halloween tutorial with Makeup Forever. We learned how to achieve this adorable look in only a few steps. I modified it a bit since I was already wearing makeup. Totally had 'Do a Dear' stuck in my head the entire time. And I left with the coolest glam-mirror!

Learn how to give it a try sometime with YouTube tutorials here. Don't think you've got the skills? On October 28th and 29th at Sephora you can attend your own #GlamToGhoul event!

Ski Vermont Event I had a great time learning some cool (and unexpected) stuff about the state of Vermont. The different resorts there! One of the coolest things was meeting the grandson of the woman who created the Sound of Music. His last name is Von Trapp and yes they have a cool spot in Vermont. It wasn't my usual crowd, so I didn't take as many pictures as usual (sorry!)

It was a super tough week for me and I admit I'm happy it's over. I'll make sure next week is better by staying positive and making a point to keep around positive people.

Until next time!