Top 2017 Bucket-list Destinations


I love travelling and it's my mum's fault. I can remember my first time flying at 7 years old. The excitement I felt about taking off  to New York City and how cool I thought I was with my Minnie Mouse luggage. img_4919

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I'm currently deliberating where I want to visit next year. The questions I keep asking myself are, 'Do I want to hit the tropics?' 'Should I visit a new city?' 'Is 2017 the year I visit Asia?' Well, keep reading to find out where I want to go in 2017.



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Las Vegas I know, I know, I already went this year! But hear me out. My favourite boy band, Backstreet Boys will have their own residency in Las Vegas. Obviously, your girl has to support and cheer them on. Plus I still have some exploring to do in Vegas. The museums, the desert and restaurants...there's so much more to do that I can't miss out on.

Alaska I like active vacations and I really want to go on a cold vacation. The chance to go dog sledding or snowmobiling really gets me going. So Alaska obviously made it on to my list. Apparently, there are cruises that you can go on to see whales as they migrate. I would probably bawl the entire time. Sign me up!


Alberta Have you seen the pictures? Someone could post a picture of a garbage can in a field and it would look like a postcard or a painting. It's ridiculous. And I can't wait to get my own shots while marvelling in awe of the gorgeous scenery. I'm getting excited thinking about all of the hiking opportunities.


Iceland From the lagoon to the black sand beaches, Iceland seems like a world of its own. While there has been an uptake in popularity, Iceland still seems like a cool spot to explore. When I connected to Europe from Iceland I was impressed with the washrooms in the airport alone! Should I write about my WOW Air experience?


But for now, this little bird is grounded until the travel bug bites me again.  Comment below to let me know where you will or want to be heading in 2017.