Self-Care Sundays

flat lay nails
flat lay nails

Sundays are for Lovers Loving Yourself! Whether I go to church in the morning or sleep in, I like to spend at least some part of my Sunday on self-care before the work-week takes its hold of my time. Keep reading for how I make every Sunday special

Get Organized It might seem odd that reviewing my calendar and setting weekly goals is a part of my self-care routine. However, I feel less scattered and stressed during the week if I get my life together on Sunday. I try to get ready for the week ahead in any way I can, whether it's organizing my underwear drawer or checking off things I've been procrastinating on my task list.

Paint Your Nails

Even the smallest thing like getting my nails done makes me feel special

— ELAISHA JADE (@ElaishaJade) September 3, 2016

Not sure if anyone else feels the same way but getting my nails buffed, shaped and painted makes me feel like a new person. I usually end up doing my nails at home. It's a nice treat I love to get done at the salon but I like watching bad rom-com's and giving myself a manicure.

Do Something You Love Whether it's watching too many movie trailers in one sitting or going for a long bike ride I like to do something I love every Sunday. Today I'm watching the incredibly underrated 'Jupiter Ascending' again. Don't @ me.

Eat Something Healthy (and Yummy) After a usually riotous Saturday, I like to scale back on Sunday and eat foods that give me energy and make me feel good. Foods that usually put a kick in my step are a smoothie bowl, vegetable juice, a fruit filled bowl of cereal, or any other vegan meal or snack I can get my hands on.

Quick pit stop at @liveorganicfood between meetings

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Bath Time I've got my bath-time routine down to a science. I remember choosing my apartment because of the deep tub that comes with it. There is nothing like soaking in some bath salts, lighting a scented candle and catching up on my YouTube faves (like It's Judy's Life). Should I write a post on bath-time essentials?

What do you do for self-care? Tell me in the comments!