The Reverse Bucket List

All the applause goes out to my girl   Dominique. Her reverse bucket list post really got me thinking. Imagine, instead of compiling a list of things I need to do I could compile a list of what I achieved?

I got a little intimate in my last post of 2015 and touched on some of the anxious feelings I let take over me a few times last year. Really it was an amazing year of highs and lows but I didn't step back and appreciate all that I experienced. So, here goes!

Starting my YouTube Channel  Ok not really starting my channel but really posting content on there that I liked. I was excited to share what I did in the city and the friends I keep with a small audience of friends I built over the years.

Running not one, but two, 10km races

I touched on why it was a big deal for me to run one race in my previous posts on social media and on here. When Adidas invited me to run another I was thrilled. I was so happy I challenged myself again (and this time through the elements of rain and cold November air) to cross the finish line.

Visiting the West Coast Last year I had the privilege of attending VidCon in Anaheim, California. Before the conference I was able to visit a family friend and spend some needed quality time with my mum. From hiking in the desert to lounging on Oxnard beach that trip reminded me that I needed to continue to explore the world around me and get out of my own head.

Finishing my first year of University (woo) I delayed going back to school for YEARS. I know in my industry that school is a convention and that if you know the right people and develop the right skills you really don't need to attend. However there was so much I needed to learn. And while school is an uphill battle (I'll share a little later) I'm still in it and trying my best to be a sponge. I met some amazing educators with a passion for media and teaching like no other. It was infectious.

Embracing myself While this is a lifelong process I'm slowly getting into the swing of embracing me for me (and I couldn't be more excited).

Landing a client I really admire  I landed this client after another one phased out a project I had been working on for almost a year. It was tough but then this door swung right open for me as the other one shut in my face. I'm extremely grateful. Remember to never underestimate your network or the work you put out there. Someone is always watching.

I applied fake eyelashes for the first time by myself...and didn't die!

I'm slowly learning about the incredible illusion of makeup. Skincare was always ingrained in me as a kid but I only groomed my eyebrows and rocked lipgloss (even in high school) so makeup was foreign ground. While stepping up my game was a process (and I'm still learning) falsies were obviously the most daunting part. But I did it, over and over again! I love getting tips from Lelo who is one of my favourite makeup artists

Sharing my thoughts and dreams with you guys I am a pretty private person. As much as I share on social media and in conversations, I really guard myself and with good reason. Not everyone will share your dreams and perspective. In fact there are a lot of bad apples out there that may tear you down. I found that there's a fine balance between vulnerability and hiding away. A middle ground where I can be myself with my readers to hopefully help you guys out through showing my vulnerable side.

What's on your reverse bucket list?