Back to Black

Many people usually take note of my 'colourful' personality. Those bright shades in my attitude and demeanour are usually reflected in my outfits and accessories too.  

However, lately, I've been feeling a little darker. Maybe it's the weather or exam season but I've been a bit more snarky and less bubbly. My fellow YouTuber/Classmate/Fave Person Kevy was able to capture a bit of that darkness for me (PS check out his blog. It's bravely intimate and I'm so proud of it!) with a quick impromptu shoot before we grabbed Shawarma and talked about life.




Jacket: Stella Nova | Boots GAP | Nylons Calvin Klein | Dress Dreamers [similar] | Hardware Ebay Canada





Later on that night, I went out to Media Profile's Holiday party with Max where we giggled on The Burroughs' rooftop and gazed over the nighttime skyline. The CN tower was lit in Christmas colours, reminding me that my birthday is just around the corner. Maybe dark-'Laish isn't just a phase...maybe I'm just finally grown up.