Commitment issues...

I have commitment issues. Committing to a schedule or a task is daunting for me. Don't get me wrong, I get things done. But I know I could do far more with my time and my effort if I just stuck to things. As I've gotten older I've put tools in place to make sure that I not only commit in words but in actions as well.

Wearing: Clarks shoes, Thrifted Jeans, GAP Jacket

I tell other people what I'm going to do: An engagement ring is taken seriously because it's a declaration. It's a manifestation of spoken commitment. Put a ring on whatever project it is you're working on! Seriously. Contemplate whatever it is you've got to do and then tell your biggest supporters about it. This is not only encouraging but holds you accountable to those you care about most.

I put away my distractions:  My phone, social media, snacks, friends...they all get ignored when I'm digging into whatever it is I've committed to doing. It's easier said than done and takes time to practice. If you schedule breaks for yourself you can look forward to checking Twitter once your task is finished in the allotted time. Have a reasonable end-time in mind and you won't stray from your task as easily.

I stop doubting myself:  Self-doubt is a downer. It really takes a toll on your confidence and work-ethic. I've learned to be confident in most things which allows me to dive in, unafraid of what's ahead. I get the tools I need to ensure my imminent success which then increases my confidence so I get get stuff done! Don't make promises you can't and won't keep:  I hate breaking my promises and I hate flaking out. So I've learned to say 'No'. When you don't commit to something you know you don't want or can't do it's relieving. It rids you of the pressure that leads to procrastination.