Be Prepared

If you're following me on Twitter you might have noticed that I'm running another 10km race this November 1st with Adidas. This unique run takes place at 1am just before the clocks go backwards. So I'm spending my extra 60 minutes this year running with Taylor (our first time running together) in this pretty cool race. The most important thing I learned while training for another race is that you need to be prepared. Below I've listed a few ways that I got ready for this run.

The Right Shoes

What you wear to train really determines the outcome of your session. Whether you feel comfortable in your shoes and clothes is an integral part of your workout. Before the Brooks preview event I went online and used their Shoe Finder. The quiz was updated with detailed questions about my body and what shoes would suit my feet best. Because I pronate and run long distances on the concrete my 'answer' on the quiz was the Adrenaline GTS15. They are solid shoes. They keep my feet in the right position with every step I take and the support reminds me a bit of the orthotic inserts I had as a kid (can you tell I was really cool?)

What you listen to 

While I love me some songs with high bpm I actually listen to slower, melodic music when running. In my last post about running I mentioned that pacing myself was key to me not giving up or feeling like a failure. Since I move at a moderate pace my body doesn't get tired as fast and I can continue for longer distances. Until I hit the final stretch of my run, I blast movie sound tracks with swirling violins and dramatic chord progressions. Or very chill alternative and jazz songs I find on SoundCloud.  I train with my Jabra Sport Pulse bluetooth earbuds. It monitors my distance, heart rate, time, calories burned etc. While the sound quality isn't at Bose level, it pairs well with external apps like Spotify, Soundcloud or just iTunes. It's a really great device I never run without. [Read my full tech review on Tech Analyzer]

What you wear 

Hyba just opened at Eaton's Centre (video to come soon!) and I was super excited to get my hands on these duds. This matching outfit is extremely comfortable. I love the high waist on the pants (#nomuffintop) and how fitted the jacket is. I also like the notes of berry colour throughout the dark coordinates. (I also grabbed another pair of pants that I'm obsessed with from Hyba here. More to come on them soon!). If I don't want my phone flopping around in a pocket I'll usually bring My Tag Alongs pouch. In it I keep money or a debit card, chapstick (dry lips are horrible on a run), my keys and my public transportation pass (just in case). That's how I keep prepared...what about you guys?

*Some products used in this post were provided free of charge, all opinions are my own.