Elaisha Goes to TIFF Blog 2: Film Festival Beauty Essentials

Screenings. Industry talks. Night events. Parties. Networking. Mingling…TIFF season is always busy time. While in the process of editing my TIFF 2015 vlogs and blogs I decided to list the products that are giving me life while I run around the city.


Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes Who loses a full bottle of makeup remover just before TIFF? ME! Luckily I was able to get a sample pack of these wipes when I bough Q-Tips and they’ve been a lifesaver. I can take my makeup off while reviewing emails at night. While I love the Simple Eye Makeup Remover and Makeup Forever’s Sensi eyes they aren’t cheap, nor do they come in Q-Tip sample packs.

The Body Shop Polynesian Monoï Radiance Oil I use this oil from head to toe to keep my skin and hair hydrated. This oil is from The Body Shop's new Spa of the World line and my hair has truly never been softer.  the smell is amazing and my cuticles look good too. This is best used after a shower at night so it can penetrate your skin's barrier while you sleep.  I'll definitely be getting more soon...the bottle is almost finished already.

Noxzema Anti-Blemish Pads I exfoliate my skin on the regular. I remember watching my mum’s intricate beauty routine as a kid and I eventually adopted many of her beauty secrets. Exfoliating was one of her go-to tricks when her skin needed a little love. These Noxzema Anti-Blemish Pads may be a little harsh for some, but they keep my skin in check when I’m stressed or not attending to my skin as I should.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer I'm a sucker for a good overnight cream. While this formula won't be heavy enough for my face during the winter months it perks my skin up and gives me a bit of a glow. For days when I don't wear foundation my skin is luminous enough to pull off a more natural look.

Whish Deodorant Swipes TIFF happened to fall when there was a September heatwave here in Toronto. I was expecting to wear my scarf and wool jacket while going from screening-to-screening. Nope. Instead we had temperatures climb to feeling like 32 and I donned strappy tanks and rompers I had put away for Autumn. Rather than carry around my bulky deodorant I just packed 2 of these packets which I was easily able to open while using the washroom and give myself a little refreshing wipe in the evening.


Kiss Lashes Fake Lashes hide a multitude of makeup-sins. Wearing eyelash extensions this Spring gave me the addictive experience of fuller and longer lashes. All I had to do in the morning was brush up my brows, put on some coverup and blush then I was ready to go. So I tried Kiss Lashes in Sultry, Flirty and Shy (Shy being my Fave) and now I'm obsessed. Once I got the hang of putting on lashes I couldn't turn back. Sultry is amazing for a very natural look with just length while Flirty gives you thick volume and length.

Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips in Berry Soft Touching up my lipstick is annoying so I usually don’t wear bold colours unless the occasion calls for it. I like this lip stain because it doesn’t leave a residue when it dries. In fact it leaves my lips feeling moisturized and feeling pretty nice. I’ve used Babylips balms before but I love the hydrating and medicated Dr. Rescue line most.

essie gel setter Topcoat While it may not seem like a top priority, having great nails actually makes a difference when networking with industry professionals. It just completes a look; I’d rather have nothing on my nails than chipped nail polish. Using essie’s Gel Topcoat preserves whatever polish I use on it especially if it’s essie

essence Cosmetics all about matte oil control paper My forehead can often double as a mirror on extra hot days. I don’t go anywhere without these blotting sheets, even in winter when my skin is drier. It takes care of my t-zone and leaves me looking refreshed and polished.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation This foundation has medium coverage that lasts all day. I don’t use a lot since I don’t go for much coverage. However when I hit the White Party with Priya I definitely put on an extra layer and I know I looked good.