Canada's Wonderland Essentials

Last week Taylor and I braved the rain and visited Canada's Wonderland. Whenever I travel I love to visit different conservation and amusement parks. Attending Canada's Wonderland is one of the ultimate Canadian rites of passage. Read below for my amusement park day essentials.

1. French Connection-Baseball Cap: Even though I had to take it off on rides a baseball cap is needed to protect my face from the sun...and to hide my wind blown hair. My hat came in handy to keep my makeup intact when the torrential downpour started. Taylor went hatless and wasn't as lucky.

2. L'oreal-Sublime Sun Quick Dry SPF 50 Sheer Finish SprayI am all about sun protection and I annoy my friends about wearing sunscreen all the time. L'Oreal was nice enough to send along their spray on sunscreen for me to try out and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Even with the sun hiding for most of the day I was sure to spray on my sunscreen to protect me from the elements. I can't wait to use it on my upcoming trip!

3. New Balance-Fresh Foam ZanteComfort is key for a day of walking. While this design is made for intense running I slipped on my Fresh Foam Zantes for my Canada's Wonderland day. They were extremely comfortable and I was able to lace them up tight for rides where my feet would be dangling.

4. Obus Forme-30L BackpackA backpack is definitely essential for a full day out at the park, especially if you haven't driven to the park or if you have no in-and-out privileges. I've been wearing Obus Forme's ergonomically sound designs for years. While my durable backpack is out of stock I've linked this similar one for you to check out.

5. Forever 21-Mirrored Matte Wayfarer Sunglasses:My eyes are a bit sensitive to the sun (I've got crow's feet to prove it) so I bring sunglasses with me everywhere. This pair from Forever 21 is adorable and cheap (in case of loss or damage while moving from ride-to-ride)

6. Nakd-Berry Delight Bar:I received a box of Nakd bars a while back at a press preview and I haven't stopped eating them since. My favourite flavour is the Berry Delight bar. Unfortunately that's also the favourite of my friends when they come over...and steal them.

7. My Tagalongs Waist Band: I rock this baby at airports, on runs and now at Wonderland. It's perfect for holding all of my cards and fits my cellphone perfectly. That way I don't have to leave my most valuable items in the cubby holes I can bring them along with me for the ride.

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Watch my adventure to Canada's Wonderland below!