QUIZ: Should I quit my job?


I created a quiz to be your unofficial gut check to see whether you should quit your job. When I was in the thick of working for an abusive company I wasn’t able to see clearly. I would rationalize gas-lighting in meetings and late night communication. I didn’t have the time or even emotional capacity to spend quality-time with friends and family. I gained weight, stopped reading and dropped my hobbies. I felt stuck but so busy portraying a perfect life that I almost believed I was ok.

Once I really believed I needed to quit my job that’s when my life started to pick up again. The day I finally quit I felt incredible.

Take this quiz to find out whether or not you’re in the right job. Read the results below to find out what your score means.

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SCORE 1-5 - Seems like you’ve found your perfect match for where you are in life. Remember to continue to learn new skills and incorporate mindfulness in everything you do! Here are some meditations to continue to increase mindfulness in your daily life.

SCORE 5-10 - You’ve lost that spark in your job! It might be time for a new promotion, job or even career change. Join my 7-Day job mindfulness challenge to get your start today.

SCORE 10+ - GTFO! You’re so over it and it’s time to move on. You’ve been itching to give your 2 weeks notice for a while now. Feel empowered! The time is now. Join my 7-Day job mindfulness challenge to get your start today.

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Please consult your legal and financial counsel and other advisors before making the decision to quit your job. This survey is merely an introduction to the process of moving towards a job or career change.