#ElaishaGoes to Scotland: Photo Album and City Guide


Scotland was incredible. I didn’t visit any of the bigger and well-known cities like Edinburgh or Glasglow. We road tripped through Scotland from Aberdeen to Inverness then made a loop to Dundee before heading south to London. I spent most of the trip there gawking out of the car window. I couldn’t believe that a place so beautiful wasn’t listed on destination recommendations everywhere.I have so many pictures and experiences I want to share, but I won’t bombard you. Keep reading for my must-see places in the land of rolling hills and sheep.

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#ElaishaGoes to Barcelona: Photo Story & City Guide

Barcelona was a dream. I honestly feel like I woke up and couldn’t possibly have been there. Travelling to Europe to visit some of my greatest friends (and making new ones) was a treat. I’m not picking favourites here, but Barcelona was a city I had the chance to really immerse myself in and explore. Thankfully my girl Katie rounded up her favourite places in Barca and my good friend Graeme and I were able to visit a lot of them. Keep reading for what to do in Barcelona Guide and Photo Story!


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