What’s in my Carry-On (Tech Edition!)

As a frequent traveller, I learned how to really whittle down how much I carried with me on long distance trips. However, with my field of work I had a bit of trouble nailing down the amount of tech stuff I brought with me. pg161132-c19d6c15-dd5a-4424-9d13-2277ce486e52

Watch my video to see what tech items made it into my carry on to China!

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7 of the Best Audiobooks for Your next Plane Ride

I stopped reading books consistently a while ago. I was an avid reader growing up and devoured at least 2 books a week throughout my teens. However, as I grew older I found it harder to make the time to indulge in my favourite pastime. Plus my favourite time to read (while on the bus or another form of transportation) sadly was taken away from me by car sickness that I developed as I got older. So I took to enjoying podcasts and audiobooks. As a Toronto Public Library card holder, I have access to a huge catalogue of audiobooks for free on my phone through the Overdrive App. If you live in Toronto and have a Library card, get on this! Here are some of the books I’ve listened to while in the skies, milling about at home or while exploring a new city.

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Does Every Blogger Need to Upgrade to the iPhone 7?


Many bloggers have been wondering whether they should upgrade to the iPhone 7. In an industry that throws around “price per wear” to justify $5,000 purses, I figured, why not do some investigating on the ROI of the buzzed about iPhone 7? Keep reading to see whether the iPhone 7 will be worth it for you!

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5 Apps Every Blogger Needs on their Phone


Happy Thursday! I thought my site was due for a facelift, both in content and look. What do you think of the new theme? To celebrate, I wrote a few posts for all of you bloggers out there who want to take your blog to the next level with a few tricks.

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