Easy Potstickers featuring President’s Choice Pork & Vegetable


I’m sharing my secret go-to recipe for busy days! When I quickly come home for lunch from work or when I don’t feel like making an elaborate dish that still tastes great this meal is delicious (and quick).

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#FitFam: 5 Ways to Stay Fit for Travellers

After I had got back from Vegas, I was thrown into a new job and didn’t take the time to focus on myself. I got comfy in my oversized sweaters and leggings and didn’t realize that they were getting a bit tight! Then before I knew it, I was away the next weekend in Blue Mountain after Vegas then on a 3-week trip to Europe in the summer. I put together a little plan to make sure I can be fit and feel comfortable in my skin, no matter where I am.


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The Weekly #ElaishaGoes


I’m starting a new series where I chat about what I’ve been up to and what events I’ve had the chance to go to. I like sharing different parts of my life, but sometimes you guys may miss certain things on my social, so let me know if this is something that you’d like to continue to see. Not sure if I want to do this weekly, or just every once and a while.

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