Why I’m not Passive Aggressive Anymore


[All photos taken by Bratty B]

I was once extremely passive aggressive. My mum (while quiet and unassuming) has an extremely strong personality. While she made an effort to ensure my voice was heard, I also knew my place as her child. No arguments. Her way was the way. I also grew up with very accepting friends until I attended hell on earth or as we call it in Toronto, Middle School.

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Capturing Moments to Remember

I kept a journal when I was younger. In it I penned the mortifying truths of growing pains as my raw, unfiltered thoughts were released onto the pages. Some of these autobiographical chapters in my life were read by people close to me and misinterpreted as mean or callous. Really I just wrote freely from my mind and sometimes my inner dialogue was mean, but after careful thought, I would always try to act with empathy in mind.

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Curl power: The Strength of Loving your Curls

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I hated being different. Growing up I was, to say it nicely, weird. Bookish, outspoken and often misunderstood I didn’t fit into one social group. I wasn’t cool, but I also wasn’t uncool so I stood somewhere in the middle. One way of fitting in was to have straight hair.
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My Dry Sense of Humour

Being a sarcastic and dry humoured woman has its downfalls. I remember one guy couldn’t tell whether I liked him or not (I did…a bit too much) because I loved teasing him. It threw him off of his charming guard. It felt like grade 2 again, but this time, I was doing the equivalent of pigtail pulling. I’d call him beautiful (in his blonde 6’1 glory he sure was) in a snarky tone, give him a shove now and then and there was a lot of eye-rolling. Check these examples of 21 Things Sarcastic Girls say When They’re Trying to Flirt with You.

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