Travelling while on your period: a How to Guide + Essentials



Getting your period while travelling doesn’t have to suck. I’ve learned that the best way to deal with my period is to prepare. While I’m known to sweat in writhing pain, my friend Taylor usually doesn’t get any cramps and can go about her day. Everyone’s period varies. reading for what’s worked for me when I got my period while abroad.

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Overnight Flight Carry-On Beauty Essentials


Airplanes can be awkward, especially for your nighttime beauty routine. I will be boarding the longest flight I’ve ever taken this Thursday. Preparing for it has been quite the adventure but also going over how to ensure I end up on the other side with bomb skin is also key.

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Monthly Covet: Valentines Day Edition


Chronically single as I am, I decided to, once again draft a wishlist of things I want to get for myself for Valentines Day this year. Cool enough, this also kicks off the first of many travel themed Monthly Covet lists you should check out at the start of each month this year. So for all of my single women with wanderlust, this one is for you.

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5 Protective Styles You need to Try on your Next Trip


If your hair is having a bad vacation, so are you. One of the first things I think about when considering my trip is what I’m going to do with my hair. For those of you not in the kinky/curly club, you’ve got to understand, it’s more than vanity. Tangled curls can be painful to detangle and take the fun and joy out of any day. I avoid having to do anything more than shaking my mane and getting on with my day.  Here are my go-to protective hairstyles when travelling.

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